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We are experts in the development of vehicles, production plants and the optimisation of your processes. When it comes to automobile development, you need someone with a fully integrated approach to the question of mobility. With a passion for development. That's us.

Our expertise includes the integrated development and optimisation of vehicles, production facilities, derivatives and modules. This has made us what we are today: the acknowledged, independent engineering experts for the automotive industry. And your business contact for the mobility of the future.


The EDAG Group develops the "mask4all" face mask – SOP with project partners Möller Medical GmbH (Fulda) and Göttlicher GmbH & Co.KG (Schlitz)

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Lightweight Cluster Baden-Württemberg honours the EDAG innovation "BatteRANGE" with the second place

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EDAG Group wins German Design Award in Gold

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EDAG Production Solutions - Networked Engineering

How does the factory of the future look like? With networked engineering we shape the future before it arises. (in English only). 


Virtual Commissioning

In virtual commissioning, the characteristics of the plant periphery of a production system are simulated in such a detailed way that all software components can be tested and easily optimized for later use in the actual production system. Thus, on-site activities can be shifted to the office, dangers can be minimized and budget can be saved.


Base for autonomous driving: EDscene validates driver assistance systems

The future belongs to autonomous driving. A prerequisite for the further development of the technology is the availability of various high-tech driver assistance systems that has always to be perfectly adjusted and function properly. EDscene is a test system for the efficient functional validation of these driver assistance systems. It is characterized by a high measuring accuracy and results that can be reproduced at any time. In addition, the test sequences can be carried out autonomously. EDscene.portable is a verification system for mobile use, which supports the safeguarding of the parking assistance system. This includes the field of view measurement, the detection of low and hard-to-recognize obstacles, testing for unwanted ground reflections and echoes in heavy rain as well as the performance of the shunting brake function.


BatteRANGE: a variable commercial vehicle chassis

From the diesel engine to the fuel cell, from the motor coach to the semi-trailer truck: our modular chassis architecture makes it possible to configure the appropriate chassis for every application. To make this possible, the truck chassis is divided into three parts. The front section is made up of large cast parts with load path-optimised nodes which provide sufficient space for the integration of the independent wheel suspension. Furthermore, this also offers enough space for the integration of the drive train components. The energy storage device is accommodated in the scalable centre section. In the rear section, the axle combinations required are conventionally connected.


EDAG Czech Republic

EDAG is a leading independent partner in the field of development and complex production solutions. We take responsibility for the entire process chain, from product development to the implementation of the final production equipment.

150 Employees

12.5 Million Euro Sales Revenue 2019

50 Clients

Pedestrian protection, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, predictive maintenance, human-robot collaboration and much more to discover!

Our EDAG Group Blog offers anyone interested in technology exciting insights from the fields of vehicle engineering, electrics/electronics, production solutions and software & digitalisation. Have a look at our latest articles.

The 5 Phases of the Smart Factory. How smart would you like it?

22.09.2020 |

Back in 2011, the German Federal Government launched a project called "Future Project Industry 4.0" , which was aimed at preparing industrial production for the future and giving companies the opportunity to play an active part in the fourth industrial revolution and add weight to establishing and promoting digitalisation in industry.

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Mobility of the future – using instead of owning. The EDAG CityBot shows how.

17.09.2020 |

According to the World Economic Forum, two thirds of all people will be living in cities in 2050. In megacities with 10 million inhabitants or more. Across the globe, there are already 36 megacities, including New York, Moscow and London. This rapid growth could result in the essential infrastructure being unable to keep up, threatening cities with collapse, as local public transport, electricity, water supplies and waste collection become overburdened. We can all call to mind images of completely overcrowded subways or interminable traffic jams, with endless streams of vehicles every day trying to make their way along smog-filled, congested roads. In Madrid, for example, 80% of the total city area is taken up by driving or parked cars. The impact on people and the environment is immense. To counter this, urban and transport planners are focusing on “Smart Cities” – cities that, with the help of digital technologies, are to become more environmentally friendly, offer greater sustainability, mobility and safety, are more economical and quite simply more life enhancing. The term Smart City therefore stands for all-round development concepts for the city of the future.

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Supplier assessment: 10 things about you that I hate.

15.09.2020 |

"So test therefore who join forever, if heart to heart be found together. Delusion is short, remorse is long." Admittedly, this quote from Friedrich Schiller may be a little outdated, but the message it contains still hits the nail on the head. Often, partnerships have evolved over time, and have more or less worked for years. Established supplier relationships, for example, are often a decisive factor in a company's success. But even if a connection of this type has existed for a long time, this does not necessarily mean that it always free of errors.

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Accreditations and Homologations

ISO 9001:2015


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Together, we deal with tomorrow's questions and shape the mobility of the future! New technologies, mobility concepts and standards such as artificial intelligence (AI), car sharing and smart factory offer our industry so many opportunities - to use them for us and our customers, we need you! Each of us has talents and gifts. We help you to develop your full potential: with the necessary tools and agile working methods as well as future-oriented continuing training options plus career programs. But, above all, a culture of appreciation, respect and recognition in a safe and reliable work environment. Helping you to be the best and achieve your career goals gives us the opportunity to be and remain the leading engineering service provider in the global automotive industry.

This is how we reach our goals together. 



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