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Electric roofing: EDAG Czech Republic and ALBIXON win Red Dot Award for swimming pool cover moving system

The EDAG Group, development service provider for complex engineering solutions in the mobility industry, has won the "Red Dot Award" design prize with its Czech subsidiary. The award was bestowed for the 'MOOVER' pool cover moving system developed with partner ALBIXON. On behalf of the Czech swimming pool manufacturer, the company applied a holistic approach to develop an electric swimming pool cover moving system: the order included complete product development from the initial idea all the way to series production.

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Our world is becoming increasingly more digital and with it the future of mobility. Not only do we have to build very good means of transport - we also need to integrate them intelligently into new digital living- an d working environments.Therefore, smart technologies help us to make your manufacturing processes more efficient or your vehicle more comfortable and safe.

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Virtual Commissioning

In virtual commissioning, the characteristics of the plant periphery of a production system are simulated in such a detailed way that all software components can be tested and easily optimized for later use in the actual production system. Thus, on-site activities can be shifted to the office, dangers can be minimized and budget can be saved.


Base for autonomous driving: EDscene validates driver assistance systems

The future belongs to autonomous driving. A prerequisite for the further development of the technology is the availability of various high-tech driver assistance systems that has always to be perfectly adjusted and function properly. EDscene is a test system for the efficient functional validation of these driver assistance systems. It is characterized by a high measuring accuracy and results that can be reproduced at any time. In addition, the test sequences can be carried out autonomously. EDscene.portable is a verification system for mobile use, which supports the safeguarding of the parking assistance system. This includes the field of view measurement, the detection of low and hard-to-recognize obstacles, testing for unwanted ground reflections and echoes in heavy rain as well as the performance of the shunting brake function.


BatteRANGE: a variable commercial vehicle chassis

From the diesel engine to the fuel cell, from the motor coach to the semi-trailer truck: our modular chassis architecture makes it possible to configure the appropriate chassis for every application. To make this possible, the truck chassis is divided into three parts. The front section is made up of large cast parts with load path-optimised nodes which provide sufficient space for the integration of the independent wheel suspension. Furthermore, this also offers enough space for the integration of the drive train components. The energy storage device is accommodated in the scalable centre section. In the rear section, the axle combinations required are conventionally connected.


EDAG Czech Republic

EDAG is a leading independent partner in the field of development and complex production solutions. We take responsibility for the entire process chain, from product development to the implementation of the final production equipment.

110 Employees

30 years in the Czech Republic

50 Clients

Pedestrian protection, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, predictive maintenance, human-robot collaboration and much more to discover!

Our EDAG Group Blog offers anyone interested in technology exciting insights from the fields of vehicle engineering, electrics/electronics, production solutions and software & digitalisation. Have a look at our latest articles.

Networked Mobility: The Future of the Transport and Traffic Sector

15.09.2023 |

How do new digital functions find their way into the car? How can infrastructure operators communicate effectively with vehicles? These are two sides of the same coin – the digitalization of individual transport. But there are no simple answers to these questions. Many different skills are…

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Keeping Service Costs under Control in the Digital Environment

14.09.2023 |

Digitalization continues unabated and is permeating all sectors of the economy, including the automotive industry. As a result, cars have become rolling computers, the laptop has found its way into the workshop, and IT security has become a relevant development goal. This brings with it new…

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VR, AR, MR: New Means of Knowledge Transfer

31.08.2023 |

For some time now, VR, AR and MR applications have been ushering in a new era in knowledge transfer. These visualization technologies make it possible for complex matters, products and technologies requiring explanation, but also new processes, to be described in a way that is both…

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Tune in to the future


Working while studying is not easy. We know that. In our company, almost one in four of us worked in automotive engineering in our early days to support our studies. Some have stayed with us and developed their careers, while others have moved on with valuable experience and a significant notch on their CV.

Jan Stárek, Project Design Manager

"I found out about EDAG while studying industrial design at the Czech Technical University, where a practitioner (coincidentally, my current supervisor) was chosen as my thesis advisor. EDAG has generally impressed me with its wide range of opportunities that one can access, both for large multinational automotive projects and smaller ones for local companies. I had the opportunity to be part of the interior development for Vietnamese automotive start-up Vinfast from the beginning. I started as a support to an experienced colleague who I had the opportunity to learn from, and after less than a year I was given the responsibility of managing a separate part – the centre console. As part of the project, I also had the opportunity to work in Vietnam, being right in the middle of the action and soaking up the atmosphere of this dynamically changing environment. I took away valuable experience from the project, which I now draw on to lead and develop products for customers mostly outside the automotive industry. "

Tomáš Coubal, E/E Project Manager

"I came to EDAG through my master's thesis at ČZU, where I worked with EDAG, who arranged for me to borrow a Tesla Model S for research. Right after school, I went straight into EDAG full time. Shortly thereafter, I got to work on a project to develop the Enyaq electric car in the quality department. On that project, I learned all the basics about automotive electrical architecture and controller communication that I still benefit from today. Since then, I have worked on many interesting projects, for example in ŠkodaAuto's innovation and pre-development department, while EDAG continuously trained me in the direction of project management and customer communication. Now, at ŠkodaAuto, I am part of a development team of experts in complex functions in the car that are safety-critical."



Aleš Paldus, Managing Director

"I joined EDAG while I was still in college, when I came back after a year abroad and still had two semesters to finish. So I started part-time while finishing school. The reason I chose EDAG at the time was the ability to do interesting work and also the ability to find a collaborative model that allowed me to finish my degree. After graduation, I switched to full-time and that started my career which includes a progression from a part-time student to the position of CEO - EDAG Engineering CZ. I think it proves that there is a lot of room for growth here, and part of our DNA is to not be afraid to give young colleagues a chance."





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Experienced candidates

It doesn't matter if you want to use your existing experience or are looking for new challenges and career opportunities in the automotive engineering field. Anyone who is interested and willing to connect their name with our vision and mission in the innovative world of automotive engineering will find a place with us.

Martin Greň, E/E Project Manager

"EDAG was recommended to me as a company where things are moving forward, and I will get the opportunity to prove something here. Before EDAG, I worked mainly for startups where things are done on the fly, so I was impressed by the level of work that goes into projects at EDAG. During my 3 years at EDAG, I had the opportunity to work on two projects: one was for a customer that specializes in pool technology and the other project that I am still working on is the development of the interior unit for the next generation of Škoda cars. During these projects I have improved significantly, especially in communication, project management and the ability to keep an open mind. I recommend EDAG as a company where you can develop tremendously and accelerate your career."

Martin Tetiva, CFD team leader

"I joined EDAG after four years of previous experience at a smaller 3D simulation company. The new working challenge for me was not only adapting to the more deadline-intensive automotive industry, but also working on large-scale projects with a large number of foreign colleagues, suppliers, and customers. During my time at EDAG, I had the opportunity to be part of numerous teams, but also to try my hand at managing sub-projects. What I like about my current job is that the range of scope is really broad, whether it's developing air conditioning for traditional car or tractor manufacturers, designing cooling for car batteries, or optimising swimming pools for example. Currently, I am in charge of the CFD section (flow simulation) within the computational department."


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