Electrics / Electronics


Electrics / Electronics

The department of electricity and electronics deals with systems development and also its validation and integration.


System development

  • Architecture project
  • Creating specifications

Software development

  • embedded software

Hardware development

  • Functional samples

Integration & Validation

  • Project management
  • Test management
  • Testing


Development of controls in the car within the framework of the project:

  • Switchgear concept – touch/mechanical
  • Design escort in terms of technology
  • Coordination of development with  surrounding parts
  • Project management with suppliers
  • Testing scope specification

Testing of Skoda ENIAQ electronics

  • Integration of electronics and measuring equipments into car prototype
  • Advanced simulation and diagnostics
  • Testing
  • Test results analysis

Development of prototype headlight within the framework of the project:

  • Seriál solution analysis
  • Project and development of HW
  • Project and development of SW
  • Possibility of remote control

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